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Atarado Smart’n'Easy Stripboard-Like PCB

stripboards-veroboards-0This is the fastest and easiest way to create your electronic device. Atarado SMART are prototyping, printed circuit boards and as a protected innovation offers a completely new approach to the issue of individual and small batch production of electronic devices on PCB.

If you’ve ever made circuit board by etching, or you have to use a prototyping PCB assembly with veroboard for your circuit, you’ll appreciate the benefits of Atarado SMART proto boards. They are like common electronics components and you can pick one of them according to yours circuit schematic or electronics component package.

About software for Atarado SMART boards see SOFTWARE SUPPORT


Tube Prototyping PCBs

Tube stripboards from AtaradoSince the SMART Atarado PCBs are not appropriate for vacuum tubes, Atarado TUBE modules are special, patented, electronic boards designed for modular building of electronic tube devices.

Tubes have special requirements due to the voltage at which works and heat dissipation, and require special treatment.

Atarado Tube boards are based on the idea that the topology of individual parts of electronic devices with vacuum tubes repeats, for which we got the patent. When, therefore, compare the individual stages of amplification, or functional parts of devices with a electronic tube, it is apparent that the topology of repeated depending on the type of tube and place in schematic. Similar topologies are posted on the same type of modules and the simple combination of modules enables to create the vast majority of audio devices, where the tubes are still often used.

Atarado – division of Adriatic BB

Atarado prototyping boards - about us

Company Adriatic BB d.o.o. was founded in city of Split – Croatia in 1992. by couple of highly experienced electronic engineers and it is growing as company with advanced electronics solutions which can handle the most demanding challenges.

One of us inventive division – Atarado(TM) is awarded by association of innovators several times.

Adriatic BB d.o.o. Iločka 15, 21000 Split – CROATIA Phone: +385 21 348 515 Phone/Fax: +385 21 345 193 Phone/Fax: +385 21 360 649 main company e-mal: e-mail for Atarado division:

T.A.N.D. d.o.o. – Zagreb

T. A. N. D. d.o.o. is founded in 1993. as company for electronics production, and electronics business services.

The company is located in Zagreb – the capital of Croatia.

Phone: +385 1 3879 382 +385 1 3879 384 Fax: +385 1 3879-383.