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bad PCB-1 bad PCB-3We all want to look nice
Prototyping PC board is “must have” tool in building electronics. But it’s often hard way to get easy and accurate results, and we discover the “must have” tool can be more difficult than we thought. Look at two figures on the left, didn’t we all passed through those phases of unpleasant work.
Clear the mess.

no hard wiring veroboard clear pcb

Here are some examples how to your electronics work may look nice, and we are sure that you can make it much nicer. Atarado SMART prototyping boards are devoted to hobbyists and engineers in building electronics, and with the additional software it’s winner. Our patent pending innovation is specific by topology of labyrinth-like leading strips which are designed to achieve vast combinations of layouts.

bad veroboard dig bad PCB-7

Digging the holes – cutting the strips…
As have be seen in the pictures on the left, the standard prototyping PCB require mechanical work on surface and/or wiring junction points, which sometimes complicates our work. Far left is “digging the holes” job on a prototyping board (standard stripboard) and next is figure where the strips are cutoff. It is picture of DIL IC implementation on standard prototyping boards, which we often want to avoid.
…and without.

no hard wiring veroboard pcb traces

Prototyping boards of Atarado are designed to make it simple. We are electronics engineers as well as hobbyists, and we know the needs for all of us.

bad PCB-5 bad PCB-4

Looking for IC adapters ?
While we were before, when soldering the IC’s on the prototyping board, engaged in adventure with rather uncertain prospects for success; we are now offering Atarado prototyping PCB-s with a footprint for SMD or DIL for direct soldering on the board. Forget the expensive and hard to find adapters. Can it be easier? Of course. So we have to take care for the computer programs to support the work with Atarado prototyping boards. Take a look at: SOFT-SUPPORT.
Already on board.
soic on veroboard

veroboard clear pcb

On the left is onboard footprints example for SOIC, DIL wide and narrow (for Atmel microcontroller). TSSOP, Multiwatt/Pentawatt, other DIL-s, TQFP, are on Atarado boards, and there are more in development.

bad PCB space bad PCB utilization

Few components – huge space….
When working on a standard stripboards or perfboards we are not qute comfortable to rationally exploit space in the assembly of components without some mechanical work. Straight copper strips, or rastered soldering points dictates mechanical working on standard prototyping boards Рmaybe you will be more satisfied with Atarado prototyping boards.
…is not needed to make it clearly.

veroboard usability

components on pcb stripboard

Since Atarado prototyping boards have topology of the specific traces that are enabling vast combinations of layouts, with good planning you can much utilize surface of our PCB-s. That makes the prototyping board more cost effective, and you may be surprised by results. Atarado prototyping boards are designed not to need saw, dig or cut, but if you can’t get rid of those habits – who can blame you.


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