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Tube stripboards from Atarado

Tube Prototyping PCBs

Tube stripboards from AtaradoSince the SMART Atarado PCBs are not appropriate for vacuum tubes, Atarado TUBE modules are special, patented, electronic boards designed for modular building of electronic tube devices.

Tubes have special requirements due to the voltage at which works and heat dissipation, and require special treatment.

Atarado Tube boards are based on the idea that the topology of individual parts of electronic devices with vacuum tubes repeats, for which we got the patent. When, therefore, compare the individual stages of amplification, or functional parts of devices with a electronic tube, it is apparent that the topology of repeated depending on the type of tube and place in schematic. Similar topologies are posted on the same type of modules and the simple combination of modules enables to create the vast majority of audio devices, where the tubes are still often used.