Frequently Asked Questions

There’s two different types of boards, why?

The difference between Atarado SMART and TUBE prototyping boards is by purpose and also by approach to the problem with prototyping applications. By purpose, because Atarado SMART are prototyping boards intended primarily to deal with a variety of semiconductors and passive components, while the TUBES are for building devices with vacuum tubes, which require a different approach to the issue of high voltage, heat and everything that makes the devices with tubes specific compared to semiconductor circuits.

…and what about approach to the problem?

The principle upon which access to these two innovations is totally different. Devices with vacuum tubes in certain places within the assembly have very similar topology, from which we can derive the pattern for each specific topology that is widely applicable, and that is accepted as invention and patented worldwide.

The problem of finding solutions with prototyping PCB for building device with semconductors as active components required a completely different approach since the semiconductors do not have a predictable topology which can be implemented in assembling, at least not enough extracted patterns capable to apply in lot of cases.

What are the advantages of using Atarado SMART prototyping boards?

Some users claim that is a significant upgrade in use of prototyping PCB. Atarado SMART PCB-s are somewhere in between stripboards and ready made PCB-s, and it’s easy to build electronics, also as multiple it in several pieces.

Nevertheless, working with Atarado prototyping boards can be interesting and enjoyable for vast of possibilities in planing your electronics layout.

How can it be useful for me?

If you use prototyping PCB in electronics the Atarado SMART prototyping boards are offering work without mechanical treatment, or diminish it on huge scale. With software like VeeCAD the working time is much more effective then other methods with standard prototyping boards such as stripboards and perfboards.

Does Atarado boards supports adapters for IC?

You don’t need to use adapters for some types of IC footprints, because SOIC, TSSOP, TQFP, DIL are supported with some types of Atarado SMART PCB-s, and we’ll make more types of IC supportive prototyping boards.

But if you want to use some of those adapters – it is your choice and you can do it with Atarado PCB-s easily. We think that combination will give you more advantages then on standard prototyping boards.